Prince Trust, Cambodia Investment Management, and Join to Promote Cambodia’s Trust Law to Foreign Investors

A leading trust company, investment advisory, and real-estate listing firm have joined hands to enable international investors to understand the compliance and restrictions of the Cambodian Trust Law for ease of assets ownership in the Kingdom.

The board director of Prince Trust, Michael Chiam, CEO of Cambodian Investment Management, Anthony Galliano, and CEO of, Tom O’Sullivan signed the tripartite agreement during the ceremony at Prince Holding Group headquarters.

Based on the agreement, the three parties will work towards the co-creation of joint capabilities in attracting investment by providing a seamless, trustworthy, and transparent experience for international investors. The trio will also collaborate on opportunities to attract inbound investments through Cambodian Trust Law.

With Cambodia experiencing rapid growth and the passage of the Trust Law in 2019, Prince Trust aims to assist investors looking to venture into Cambodia.

Prince Trust, a Cambodian Trust Company, can hold landed properties in Cambodia on behalf of foreign entities and individuals. In addition to asset safekeeping, Prince Trust can assist in property asset (both landed and buildings) management, rental income collection, and sale of property assets.

A Trust is one of the mechanisms to help investors manage their assets when the person setting up the trust (called the grantor, settlor, or trustor) transfers purchased assets to the trustee, who then manages the trust for the benefit of the grantor and their beneficiaries.

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