High School Students Supported by Caring for Cambodia Visit Prince Headquarters

Prince Foundation hosts a delegation of high school students and introduces young talented Cambodians working at the firm.

The delegation of 12 students and two members from Caring for Cambodia (CFC) led by Deputy Country Director at CFC, Rebecca Large, were warmly welcomed by delegates from Prince Holding Group and Prince Foundation at its headquarters in Plov Koh Pich, Phnom Penh.

These students are from two high schools undergoing the Career Preparation Programme in Siem Reap, Cambodia, sponsored by Prince Holding Group.

Prince Foundation representatives spoke to the students and explained the need for upskilling across Cambodia. A half an hour sharing session by new-to-corporate employees and interns described how international and local mentors within the group helped them grow in prospect, and be more prepared for the future.

“Inspiration is like a seed that needs to be planted,” said Gabriel Tan, Chief Communications Officer of Prince Holding Group. “We hope a tour of our headquarters and the experience exchange from our young employees can inspire these students to pursue their post-secondary education.”

Earlier this year, Bryan Morytko, Executive Director at CFC visited the Group’s headquarters after Cambodia reopened its international border. The duo reaffirmed its continuous commitment towards education in Cambodia and expressed interests to continue collaborating through the Career Preparation Programme.

“We are glad to have been invited by Prince Holding Group and introduce our students to novel work environments,” said Rebecca Large. “Raising awareness on the importance of education is a continual process and we highly appreciate such corporate initiatives.”