Canopy Sands Development Expresses Admiration for Bilateral Relations Demonstrated by Cambodia Sailing Federation.

Our colleagues at Belt Road Capital Management (BRCM) had a great time meeting up with the Cambodian Sailing Federation (CSF) today. Meng Wang, Advisor of CSF and Som SothRithypong, Secretary General of CSF works closely with the Singapore Sailing Federation to advance sailing as a sport in Cambodia.

We briefly introduced a major project we are working towards along the Ream coastline of Sihanoukville, just 10 minutes away from the Sihanoukville airport to our guests. We also learn that CSF trains primarily in the coastal waters of Sihanoukville, as part of their preparations for the upcoming SEA Games next year that will be held in Cambodia!

“We deeply admire the efforts in driving bilateral relations through the exciting sport of sailing as demonstrated by the close ties between the Cambodia Sailing Federation and the Singapore Sailing Federation, and through sessions like this, we are able to exchange thoughts on future developments for Sihanoukville”, said Michael Yong, Investment Director at Canopy Sands Development.

“We are impressed at the commitment of Canopy Sands Development to develop the Ream coastal area in Sihanoukville, and look forward to seeing more upcoming projects that will benefit and uplift the community and our beloved sport of sailing,” said Meng Wang.